Tomorrow my baby turns 2. Here he is reflecting on how far we’ve come. His humble beginnings at Northwestern’s NICU. Our new home that we’d only been in for a month when he was born. Figuring out how to be parents and a family. And now a two year old lives here. Amazing how fast time flies.
(“time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.” I will credit Paul Schmitt (#ripslich) with this but I think it was a Marx brother or Woody Allen originally)


  1. lmcg-e said: Two! Happy, happy birthday Christopher. I hope he has a terrific day and so many more wonderful birthdays ahead. So much love to your precious boy. Lynn xoxo
  2. jeeneebee said: Oh C.W., Happy Birthday!! (i told you it goes so fast!) He’s so precious.
  3. jezebelthegreat said: I remember when I met you guys for the first time. He was so very tiny!
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