My beautiful boy.
Was going to comment on the sad state of affairs of the day. But I’d rather focus on the future. Here’s hoping the next generation does a hell of a lot better than this one. What a fucking mess.

Are we 100% certain that Kiki from the Fresh Beat Band, is not, in fact, #apricotica????? Are? We?

Are we 100% certain that Kiki from the Fresh Beat Band, is not, in fact, #apricotica????? Are? We?



Women have less right to exist than fetuses and it’s totally legit for a grown man with a gun to kill an unarmed black teenager in “self-defense”.


Oy vey.

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Beautiful day at the zoo with my favorite boy.



so i had a lot of thoughts that i wanted to share that the above link brought to mind. then i had to log out of one account and log in to this account on my laptop, which i never do, which resulted in needing to reset my password and now that i am (finally) logged in all i can say was this was a touching article and you should maybe read it.

le sigh

My mom locked herself out of her car at work today and just as Christopher and I were getting to the park she called in a panic. “Can you come and get me and take me home to get my spare key?” I have keys to her house of course but not her car sadly. So Christopher and I turned around (very much to his dismay) and went down to IN to “save grandma.”
When we got to where she works and she got in our car I asked where her car was and went and inspected if myself. “How could you have locked your keys in the car without having your keys to lock the car?” My mom looks at me sheepishly, “I hit the lock button inside the car.” This instantly makes me insane as she does this constantly when I’m driving her car because she’s worried I may forget to lock the car. Most of the time I have to unlock it to get my bag out of the backseat or something and for some reason it infuriates me that she insists on locking the car even though I am driving and am holding the key and will clearly lock the car.
Anyway, I say “why don’t I see the key anywhere?” *should’ve been my first clue. “I forgot my work ID which I keep in the console, must’ve put the keys in its place?” “Did you empty out your purse, completely?” “Yes!”
So we drive to her house, picking up sandwiches on the way. We had to go in and feed her dogs and let them go outside so we may as well get dinner taken care of. Christopher was the lucky recipient of a DQ Dilly Bar, his first! So he was pleased as punch.
We get back on the road, I take advantage of the cheaper IN gas prices, and as we are about to make our last turn to her work, she’s digging the spare key out of her purse, “oh Veronica! There’s a hole in my lining!!” And out comes two car keys. All I could do was laugh. “Oh my god I can’t believe it was in there the whole time!” she says. “I can, and half expected it.” I say.
Then we dropped her off at her car and Christopher yelled at the sun to “stop it!!!”(coming in the window) the whole way home.

Kid needs a cape. He says to me this morning, “mama? Where my cape??” Like he had been born with one. What a kook. Bonus banana Popsicle photo from yesterday at grandmas.

We had a fun day yesterday. Started at our friends local parade. They usually have an exotic animal (sponsored by the local grocery store:/) but not this year. It was still great fun. Marching band, people throwing candy and beads at the crowd. BBQ at our friends after. And swimming with other kiddos in the kiddie pool and just generally enjoying a real backyard.
And I made a yummy fruit tart.
Then after nap we went to my moms house for dinner. On our way home we took the Chicago Skyway so that we could see as many fireworks en route home as possible! It was fun. When we were almost home Christopher announced he was tired and wanted to go to bed. Even though that story changed once we were in the house, I think he was asleep within 10 minutes of getting in bed.


I am in.

My friend and I started a new tumblr. I wonder what it’s going to be about.

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3 year well baby check up today. Everything’s different. They had small gowns! He stood on a real scale and was measured for height standing up! Took blood pressure for the first time and generally had a great visit. Not. One. Tear! Yay. And even though before we left he insisted he had a lot of questions for the dr regarding his toes, he did not ask. I had to do it for him. Toes are fine.